Relevance Of AR And VR In Today’s World – Creative Work

Posted on : Mar 25, 2019

Researchers have proved that 38 % tech-oriented people are getting more benefits from virtual reality technology in the education field. Because of the versatility of this technology, big giants like Google, HTC, and Samsung are trying their hands in virtual reality products. It’s believed that people who have taken training in VR can retain information more acutely and for a longer period of time instead of books and videos. These digital tools in form overlaying images on the real world (AR) or creating an artificial digital experience for the users (VR) brings more user engagement, provides data in real time and generates real-life experience with extreme information. Following are potential uses of these digital tools:-

VR in Education-With the help of AR and VR technology, more students can be engaged with superior classroom experience as compared to traditional online classes. This technology helps in creating an immersive learning environment of not only reaching unknown parts of the globe but also creates a touching floor of ocean type of experience for their students. The Researches have proved that those who get training in VR retain information for a longer period of time.

AR and VR in Urban planning-With the help of these latest technologies, cities can judge regarding their new work and how it will going to fit within existing landscape beforehand. Such type of digital tools helps in increasing investors interest levels and can receive feedback on their plans.

As a virtual tour for your home-This technology is coming into real estate sector where homes are shown virtually to their audiences. Because of it, home shoppers can get a real feel about their houses without ever leaving comfort region of their existing homes.

AR for e-commerce industry- With the impact of this technology, even e-commerce industry is getting revolutionised. Many brands are taking maximum advantage of such digital tools by making it more attention-grabbing and appealing for their customers by making virtual showrooms for them. As this helps in trying different colour patterns and styles in the virtual dressing room. Augmented reality gives more immersive and engaging personalised shopping experience for their customers whereby taking them outside the computer screen.

VR and AR in Training- These best immersive technologies known as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality helps in handling tense situations. Such technologies create an environment where no possibility of consequences takes place and one can learn experimentally in a real-world situation simultaneously. Thus we can perform frequently and safely as VR and AR carry over real-life situations.