Promo Videos And Steps Of Creating It

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

In the making of the promo video, content play a most important role right from making advertisements to sending emails on different platforms like social marketing and other offline marketing mediums. Before making promo videos make sure to identify the basic goal of creating it and be crystal clear in its making. For e.g. if you want to create brand awareness of the newly launched company then your promo video should be based on this theme only. Few main reasons for making promotional videos are

Increasing Traffic
Increasing sales
Educate customers
Brand awareness
After deciding about goals then further it’s time to navigate in the right direction like as follows

Introduction: Decide on the mission or anything about your company
Explanatory: In-depth about your products or services
Related to the problem and its suitable solution: Decide on the problem and its older way of solving it. Then introduce newer and improvised way of dealing with it. With the help of story elements like plotting or conflicts to subtly explain it.
Let’s audiences take a move: Encourage audiences to take some action in that regards
Educate audiences about it: By providing informative details or tutorials, one can inspire audiences using story or humor etc.
Testimonial: Introduce quotes, sound bites and interviews etc. related to specific theme or topic.
Decide on the correct theme

The tone which is most important part of any video making must have suitable tone. This tone helps in deciding how audiences will be feeling about promotional videos. For e.g.: whether to make your audiences laugh or get them informed or to share your story. Following are types of tones:-


Set the time duration

Whether your promotional video is of 60 sec, 10 min or 5min.Your promotional video should be based on following parameters

Goal- (Brand awareness or clicks)
Where your ad will appear -(social media or website etc.)
Overall budget-(High, low or medium)
For e.g.- For emotional ads, duration of ads should be roughly for 1 or 2 min but if you want to have holiday ads then the duration of few seconds are sufficient.

Decide on video style

Promo Video styles come in different styles like

B-Roll-Additional footage should be provided in background, flashback styles or in action
Real People-Those who play roles of characters with or without dialogues
Live actions-Real life footage with animation effects or special effects
Animated- Usually comes in 2d or 3d format
Whiteboards- When messages get displayed with help of hidden hand holding the marker and writing it in different forms like visuals, text, or about creating drawings.
Framing out the basic idea

Its all about deciding about characters- How they will be looking, number of characters, and their related storyline

Scenes-Different types of scenes will be used and additional locations required for it
Product- Number of times product will be seen in the ad and how it’s going to fit within the storyline. And additional props, if required, can be edited in the promotional video.
The final way of making a promotional video is all about writing the script. In this phase, it’s quite important to frame out about the script-

Scenes 1st,2nd and 3rd
Dialogues, audio, and voice over
List of characters, location, special props, or types of movement
Decide lastly about storyboards

Once you are done with above-mentioned steps, its now important to decide about storyboard with help of artists, designers, and illustrator who can bring those visuals, characters or ideas into life. In this phase, it’s very much essential to match storyboards with script side by side. Storyboards don’t necessarily match exactly like the script but it acts as a guide for further course of action.