Infographics And Productive Color Pallet

Posted on : Mar 27, 2019

Colour has deep meaning on human psychology and it affects overall mood of a viewer.The psychology of colour as it relates to influence target audience is one of the most interesting — and controversial aspect of marketing.For example colour yellow is considered as happiest colour in colour spectrum. It’s important to understand that one’s environment—and especially cultural perception—plays a sturdy role in saying color appropriateness for gender, which in turn can influence individual choices.Research has proved that individual choices, experiences, upbringing often help in deciding color selection.In the same way colour yellow often evoke such hyper sensitive emotions in human beings.In one of study based on effect of color on marketing,researchers found that up to 90% of impulsive judgments made about products can be based on color alone, depending on the product. Studies have shown that there are certain psychological changes happening in human body when exposed to certain colours.Colours can increase appetite,can even depress or excites or even stimulate or creates feeling of warmth or coolness.There are 4 psychological colours which affects individuals

Red: -Effects human the body

Blue: – Effects the human mind

Yellow:- Increases self confidence

Green:- Balances overall Mind, body and human emotions

Blue: – As the colour of ocean, sea and rivers it denotes feelings of constancy in human lives. Represents feeling of trustcontinuity and efficiency.In companies its used for brainstorming sessions, and conferences,also researches have proved that employees are more productive in blue room.

Red: – Is considered as highest arc in rainbow and longest light wavelength.Increases enthusiasm, confidenceand actions; It also prevent fear and anxiety. It boosts heart rate and increases brain level activity. Also it is considered important for people who work late in night.It stimulates feeling of passion,optimism and adventure.

Yellow:-Stimulate energy,increases optimism and helps inincreasing temperament.It reflects happiness,shades of golden yellow shows feeling of positivity and considered as happiest colour in the spectrum for example in US people paints pencil with yellow colour.Encourages communication,stimulates mental process and activates memory.It is also considered as best for bathrooms and kitchens

Green:-Helps in increasing creativity, promotes harmony and balance,reduces anxiety and eye strain.Green colour is ideal for brainstorming and spaces where computers are used. Among colour spectrum its considered as one of the most visible to human eye than any other colour. Green is also considered as best for interior designing. It relaxes mentally,offers sense of harmony and self-control.Pre-dominantly it represent nature and wealth