Posted on : Jun 03, 2020

Architectural rendering is considered as quite specific and niche subject in the world of visualization which helps in creating photorealistic imaginary for your potential clients. This type of imaginary requires careful attention and planning in detail. Even though adding detailing may sound quite a time consuming but its definitely worthwhile. There are many prominent software tools available in the market like Sketchup, Revit, Lumion 3D, 3DS VRay, etc which help in creating a higher effect of realism in such renderings. Mentioned below are some of the essential tips which help in improving your architectural renders:-

A) Over Brightness-One of the essential element on the rendering, image is about lighting effects and also considered as important communication tool where viewers get engaged. In the same way, over lighting also plays an important role because it hinders viewers to see detailing work. Also, another important process is known as vignetting which helps in directing viewers’ eyes towards the center of an image by slighting darkening edges of the photograph.

B) Lack of Personality- Many times 3D images don’t look realistic and therefore in such cases there comes a lack of personality in it. Often 3D images without any kind of stuff look hard to attract your clients as compared to ones that are staged. It becomes quite easy for your clients to believe in such spaces having personality elements into it as compared to those homes that are vacant.

C) Overloaded colours-Many designers believe that while visualization, it’s better to avoid the use of too many colours per shot. The use of too many colors can spoil the overall image of your architectural visualization. The best way is to judge through Photoshop tool where if an image looks good in black and white then it’s believed of having excessive use of colours

D) Use of wide lenses- Many time wide lenses are used so as to capture the entire building/scene in 3D images. But it can create lots of confusion in the mind of viewers because they may lose their focus areas/doesn’t make out where to look. Therefore it’s advisable to have entire shot and numerous smaller shots of focus cameras so that architects and clients can have the real feel of the entire place.

E) Lack of nature-In order to create outstanding 3D images, it’s advisable to have lots of natural elements like bushes, trees, other little detailing into it. Even if such detailing may look quite a time consuming but it adds more comfort in the mind of viewers. Nature always plays a crucial part and anybody can easily relate to it.

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