Home Theater and Media Room Design

Posted on : Mar 10, 2022

Are you involved in structure a powerful included activity system that flawlessly blends in through your interior architecture? while framing, wiring, doors, window, TVs speakers, dispersed audio tackle, wireless controls, finish and furniture are to be musically located in one multi-functional room or devoted theatre, having an skilled architect on your squad to ask the right question, expand the artistic design, and terminate particulars in combination with the technical supplies for the interior architecture is a huge value to you. At Outsourcing Cad Works, we’ve effectively worked on a variety of activity spaces in Seattle, Bellevue, and the Puget Sound locale where planning, research, and teamwork with spread audio professional and other consultant has resulted in stunning home theatre design that attribute the newest in technology.

These rooms may emerge to be easy when you walk in; though, they are complex with observe to the wiring, gear, and subcontractor organization necessary for a clean, shiny look design. consequently, the time exhausted with you planning the millwork details, coordinate the wood studs for included wall speakers, identify the frame needed for increasing the TV, locating the lighting, store the local tackle as well as the remote tackle, sizing the powered shades, specifying the audio walls and fittings, all advantage from the thorough drawing credentials and organization an qualified architect can offer for the task team.

Home Theater Design services include:

  • Structural Framing and apparatus organization Drawings
  • Aural Wall Detailing for Sound assimilation
  • Powered Shade & Interior Architecture Millwork facts
  • integrate tools with Room finish
  • post and sizing of computer vaults in expertise ready “elegant” homes.