Construction Drawings And Importance Of Accuracy In It

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

Construction drawings are popularly known as blueprint or working drawings consist of materials used, installation techniques with quality standards and most importantly describe about what is to build. Many designers provide construction information related to materials, techniques and quality standards specifications. While other designers include specifications with written notes that cover many issues related to it.

Also scale drawings means construction drawings are drawn to the scale of ¼ ‘’ per foot. Generally, all drawings related to house building or any small drawings are made at different scale.For the e.g. scale of 1/4” per foot, a line 1 inch. long means 4ft,4 inch long means 16 ft. etc.For measuring dimensions, an architectural scalar is used for measuring on construction drawings.

Architectural drawing

With the help of architectural symbols made by draftsmen and designers, any newcomer can understand its meaning as every arrow; squiggle, symbols and lines have different importance. As detailed description provides information about how the building is going to look like.

Also, drawings and specifications made by architects are considered as a contract with the builder as it shows the scope of the project. But any inaccuracy or discrepancy related to drawings/specifications often led to a misunderstanding between them. This unnecessarily incurs a higher cost and unsatisfactory results.

Construction drawings are considered as most critical part of construction projects made by architects, contractors, engineers and construction companies. Below mentioned are details of construction companies

Foundation plan-It’s related to the foundation of the building just like the basement of the building.

Sections-Such drawings help in understanding inside of walls, cabinet and stairs etc. That will help to understand technicalities of it.

Plumbing plan-It describes about placements of water pipes and fixtures etc.

Assembly drawing-In such drawings, different parts of machines are assembled together and that’s why as the term suggests it means drawings of the different parts of the machine. While making a machine, initially different parts of the machine are created.

Electrical plan-It’s considered as most important part of construction drawings made up of details related to switches, bulb and electrical wiring system and its location specifications

Location drawings– In construction drawings, all important aspects of the site plan, elevations, road layouts and floor plans get covered which are considered as basic location proposed for construction drawings.

Floor plan-It helps architects and engineer to deal with different sections like kitchen, stairs, washroom and location of the room which helps in planning further construction details.

Elevations –It describes about how the wall will look from outside or once the building is created. They define an exterior view of the building.

Site plan-It shows description about site or area details related to layout walkways, gardening area, fencing and walls and road paths.

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