Concept About Logo Icon Design

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

If it’s about creating an effective logo icon designs then one should take a holistic approach to issues such as audience, size, simplicity, lighting, perspective, and style.

Easily readable

Visual legibility is a key. The icon should include a visual that is highly familiar because of branding or because it is easy to comprehend. Just like icons on the desktop of your computer for example.When it comes to visual legibility, branding is a big thought about it. Big household brands often have icons that are a part of their logo or an iconic image. People tend to recognise these elements right away even at small sizes. This can be a little harder for new or smaller brands or icon concepts and designers may opt to go with other techniques for best impact.

Flat logo icon design

In flat design the main attention goes to typography, minimalist elements by leaving out complex gradients, glooms, bevels, feathered effects or 3D logo appearances. Flat design is all about minute details for elements, typography and shapes because one can’t hide them behind glare, shadows and other effects.

Make it without word

Logo icon should be such a way that it identifies as a brand without any words.As a rule of thumb, avoid text altogether unless it is part of your logo. Even text that is part of a logo should be carefully considered before using in the primary logo design.

Use variety of colour

Try to go bold with vibrant color. A vibrant color choice will stand out on a variety of backgrounds and will grab the attention of users. The last thing one want from an icon design is for it to blend in with all the other options available.

For E.g Black Denotes: Authority, Power, Secret, Confidence, Elegance and Sophistication

Red logos generally grab customer attention and if one wants to attract your target market towards typical brand, use the color red. There are many amazing ways to use red in the logo to make the design unique, interesting and prominent.

Blue Logos Signifies: Competence, Trust, Authority, Power and Loyalty

Make in vector format

An icon needs to be created using a vector-based design.Having a vector image will give its designer the freedom to make changes and save the icon for a variety of devices, sizes and view ports without creating a lot of individual images.