Virtual Reality

Posted on : Jul 21, 2023

We are India’s leading Virtual reality service provider having more than 15 years of rich experience in providing interactive and relevant VR solutions for our global clientele USA, UK, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. With a team of highly talented VR specialists and the latest VR software and technologies, we are creating breath-taking audios, images, and interactive scenarios for enhancing the overall performance of the organization. With the help of immersive 3D technology, we create naturalistic images, sounds, and perceptions of the user’s physical world in the form of virtual/imaginary surroundings. The major benefits of this technology are unique storytelling, quick prototyping, effective memorizing, and immersion effects which helps various industries in the following ways:-

VR for healthcare-In this sector,

many healthcare experts are using VR for updating their different skills like invasive surgeries or procedures in a safer environment. Even this technology is helpful for robotic surgeries or diagnosis to reduce complications n operating time.

VR for Retail

We create an impressive retail experience for shoppers and facilitate their brands with more fulfilling and deeper engaging effects. Using our latest VR solutions and modern technologies, we create impressive and positive impacts on our users.

VR for fashion-

Using state of art technology and the latest software, we help our clients in getting the realistic feeling of being present in the fashion shows. Other services include 3D fashion portfolio,3D avatars, virtual humans, virtual fashion stores, virtual try-on to attract targeted clients and customers.

VR for Architecture-At C-DESIGN,

we create interactive visualization services for Commercial, Residential or Institutional projects. We help in creating complete architectural models and incorporate various changes like space planning, interior design features, furniture placement, etc in real-time.

VR for engineering and scientific visualization-

In the engineering field, we provide 3D visualization for our clients for making necessary modifications in its designing phase before its final implementation stage. However, in the field of science, we offer CGI using VR technology that helps medical experts or professionals in simplifying complex ideas/concepts in the form of rich quality 3D visuals.

VR for Training and Entertainment-

In the field of the Education and Training sector, we offer high-quality VR solutions for an enriching experience in learning and training fields. This technology not only provides desired, relevant and necessary information but also facilitates distance learning for students without being physically present on the campus.

VR for Military-Using VR solutions,

we offer to help military and defense systems in creating virtual battling situations for soldiers. This not only reduces training costs by creating replicas of weapons or vehicles but also avoids danger for soldiers on the real battlefields.

VR for Marketing-With VR technology,

we help our clients in creating brand awareness, strategic marketing campaigns, generates higher excitement and interest along with creating an interactive 3D environment for them. And thereby helps in generating engaging and more memorable experiences for our clients.

VR for Travels-With VR technology,

we provide interactive VR services and seamless booking experiences for our customer’s travel like virtual tours of rooms, tourist attractions, hotels and resorts, virtual booking interface, and give them exact ideas about the overall location before their final arrival.

At C-DESIGN, we provide Virtual Reality solutions in the following ways:-