Video Explainers: Most Important Communication Tool

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

Video explained are all about making a short business video which tells about company’s details and helps their customers in solving their problems. In such videos explanation, details are discussed about new products or business services launch and messages also get communicated to your customers. It’s believed that product pages display relevant information about your products or services but video explained elevate your messages at the emotional level for your targeted audiences. When it’s about positioning your products or services, video explained are the most possible tools for marketing communication. Video explained are considered as most important and creative form of video marketing strategy which provided exciting visual experiences and innovative storytelling. There is a different form of video explained like testimonial video, screen cast video, stop-motion videos, info graphic videos, motion graphic videos, whiteboard animation,2d animation,3d animation and live action but among them, the animation is considered as most popular one.

Video complainer’s major benefits like it build belief and reliability factor among the mind of your audience. To gain your audiences trust nothing is more engaging than a killer video explained which proves your customer that you have taken extra efforts in explaining stuff to them. Another benefit is about conveying messages in short span of time. Minute videos have more influential power than 1000 blogs. Thus it directly creates larger sales and conversion rate as more customers get a drive for an email subscription or product purchase. Also, such videos are a great way of solving customers hassles by explaining to them what to expect after buying their products or services. Also this helps in improve SEO ranking of your website which basically depends on time spent and user engagement rate. As user spends more time on your website due to video explained, Google will drive more traffic and increases your rank level. Thus reduces the bounce rate of your web pages and compel audiences more towards your website. Even videos explained create high to reach on social media platforms and reach wider audiences.

Production Process of Video explainers

Have Understanding of your clients-In this phase of brainstorming and concept discussion, it’s important to understand your clients and their goals for the video. There comes lots of brainstorming session for creative directors and scriptwriters who decide about the storyline which they want to convey to their customers.

Have an impressive storyline and storyboard-Its storyline about video explainers that decides their success level. It’s clear, concise, humble yet compelling script which gets developed by scriptwriters. Once such script and concept get approved by writers then such script will play out scene by scene. Storyboard consist of scenes, voice over related to the scene and their related description.

Add style to your video-Now it’s time to add icons, characters, background, text to your video such custom and full-color images will add style to your video.

Add voiceover artist-Its selection of suitable artist that decides video explainer’s success ratio. A wrongly selected artist can completely ruin your video quality. It’s advisable to provide a list of different artist to your clients along with a suggestion of what will work best for them. The best artist among them will describe the script and records the narration.

Add animation effects-Lastly add software like Adobe, after effects, flash, illustrator, Photoshop, and Autodesk 3DS mak for animation effects. Also, add a soundtrack for creating the impressive mood for the product video as it stimulates audio receptors within our brain and makes it’s more engaging with lasting effects.

At C-Design, explained are used in fields like training, sales, and pre-launches, product presentations at trade fairs and for industrial applications like assembly, maintenance, and operations. It helps in engaging your brand by creating stickiness towards your target audiences. Being a professional and seasoned video explained company we believe that our clients matter us the most and that’s why delivering every bit and updates are what we focus on. We don’t do run-of-the-mill work but instead of this brings out amazing and unique video explained with a touch of eloquent visual appeal.