VFX And Methods Involved In It

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

VFX and methods
Those images which are created through VFX are generally produced externally to the perspective of live action shoot making it look real. It’s because of reasonable and trouble-free use of software and animation tool, one can use VFX animations in different areas like multimedia, television, film and advertisements. Otherwise it’s costly, treacherous, unrealistic and time consuming to records on movies during live shoots.

Techniques involved in VFX are:-

Projection Mapping-Its one of those latest techniques which is used by international and national players during product launches. During this technique, user experience gets enhanced due to displaying of sound, light or artwork in any movie or event. Thus it’s considered as one of the most useful forms of VFX for advertising

Motion Capture- This technique is all about capturing movements of objects or people and making such animated movie with 2d or 3d formats. They are mainly used in film making, robotics and also in military uses etc.

Camera Mapping – Its one of those techniques of animation where still images are clicked and converted into 3d or 2d formats. In this technique, the animation is carried out according to camera angle, not on the basis of objects. Generally used in films and TV shows and it ensures increased flexibility and cost reduction.

Augmented reality- In this techniques, virtually real environment is created and it gets visible to the audiences in a more effective and efficient manner. Thus superimposed computer generated images helps in building a virtual world so real and enhances ones current reality of perception.

Sound and Light effects – VFX provides a rich experience to animator in the field of movie making. Such type of cinematic feel gives audiences proper ambience and lights effects and thereby creating movies with believable reality.

Crowd Simulation-In such techniques, a group of a large number of the crowd is animated which are used in parties, war, beach crowds etc. Thereby making illusionary feel like the interface of the crowd with computer graphics complements it to make it believable.