Posted on : Oct 23, 2020

In the AEC industry, it becomes quite essential for industries to implement BIM technology whether they are small/Big organisations with smaller/Bigger projects. Especially for bigger organisations; BIM implementation becomes equally beneficial where these companies can survive successfully in the international market. Even though many times it was found that small companies are a little doubtful in investing in this latest technology. At C-DESIGN, we offer a comprehensive range of BIM solutions in the field of mechanical disciplines, structural, MEP functions, and architectural services to the global clientele across multiple construction disciplines. Below mentioned some of the major advantages of BIM implementation especially for a smaller organisation:-

A)           In the AEC industry, BIM technology is going through a phase where nobody is left unaware of its benefits but some smaller organisation still looks at it with doubt. However, BIM technology is considered as discipline specific building documentation and designing field where it helps in rising construction developing and scheduling. BIM software has become an affordable tool and has become a regular part of life.

B)            Smaller organization should understand BIM technology as an important investment which brings out different benefits like visualization, coordination, and collaboration in the project outcomes. Thus for the small-scale organization, early adoption of BIM technology becomes a boon and prepares them for the future.

C)            In the earlier time, people were uncertain about using computers and CAD technology especially for designing and drafting processes. They were mainly focused on manual drafting and designing processes which gave lesser precision and a higher risk of maintaining documents. But after CAD technology, higher standards of precision and ease of modification becomes possible. Also, helps in maintaining a database of construction-related design and building parts becomes possible; even sharing and generation of different designing files and drawings among different agencies and experts involved becomes possible. Other advantageous of BIM technology are:-

i.              Considered as latest technology which provides advanced services and effective innovation for the projects

ii.             Can create Revit BIM libraries so as to create precise 3D Models

iii.            Increases efficiency and effectiveness in delivering successful project outcomes

iv.           Modern BIM process and workflows help in reducing project risk

v.            Robust content creation for structural and architectural deliverable

At C-Design, we require inputs from the client’s side in form of CAD drawings, rough ideas, images in any formats, 2D files, PDF images, hand-drawn sketches so that output PDF files, 2D or 3D Revit files can be offered at competitive rates. BIM software proves to be valuable not only to designing engineers but also for consultants, construction builders, cost management, and project management fields. We are responsible for providing complete sustainable BIM solutions whether personalised or customised right from schematic designs to construction of documents for different construction companies like retail, industrial, residential, health or education, etc. We are a perfect amalgamation of full domain knowledge, an outstanding experience of more than 15 years with a talented professional team of BIM engineers who provide consistent and high-quality services at a global platform. We always look forward to the client’s inputs/inquiries and ready to serve as per their requirements.