Posted on : Nov 04, 2021

At C-DESIGN, we offer BIM coordination services for architects to deliver complex projects with minimum timelines. Our experts provide visualization, collaboration, coordination and analysis for creating multiple design prototypes with BIM technology to enhance high-quality deliverable and overall design performance. We are having a team of successful building surveyors and architects for enhancing the architectural design process and its overall quality. Our architectural team works to build integrated workflows and more complex collaborative models to improve overall designs as per the client’s requirements.

Our BIM offering for architects includes

1) BIM modeling services for architects for better design validation

2) Create point cloud to 3D BIM Models for making detailed architectural 3D models and As-Build data

3) Create BIM architectural construction documentation and detailing with a more integrated workflow

4) Customised family creation for enhancing designs through Autodesk Revit

Our winning architectural projects include showrooms, retail, commercial projects, university buildings, high-rise buildings, airports and healthcare etc for schematic design development, designs and construction documentation. Our BIM helps architects to improve construction and building designs in the following ways:-

A) Detailed construction drawings based on coordinated 3D models

B) Create comprehensive 3D Revit modeling with layouts and designs for architects

C) Sustainable point clouds to 3D modeling for refurbishment and renovation

D) Precise site and 3D interior modeling as per clients requirements

Contacts us and get your quotation for BIM modeling services within the stipulated time frame and allocated budget.