Scope Of Architectural Millwork Detailing In A Complete Way

Posted on : Mar 25, 2019

Architectural Millwork Detailing
Millwork is all about producing any type of woodwork in a commercial way in the mill like wood paneling, window casing, base trim, and doors etc as important elements of the architectural building. Even fabrication of interior works like baseboards, mantels etc is also counted as millwork. Every type of commercial, residential or architectural building have some kind of millwork as their integral part and that’s why can be used in multiple projects. There are different types of millwork detailing:-

(1)Custom radius millwork-These are such curvy or round types of millwork construction which require alteration by custom radius millwork. For e.g.: – Bending stairways, handrails, kitchen counters, curved walls, circular windows etc

(2)Complete Service for millwork-This usually includes heavy budgeted projects like multi-unit housing project and commercial building etc with entire millwork detailing the process

(3)In house knife grinding Method- In such type of millwork detailing, designer matches new work design with existing patterns and design in houses which gets party spoiled due to fire and water.

(4)Custom profile Millwork-Because of custom profile millwork, stakeholders tries to create exact detailing and profiling of the building so as to shape out the personalised home project. This type of project helps in adding exceptional character to any design and thus helps in increasing the resale value of the house. Thus custom profile millwork becomes a fundamental part of your architectural design and makes your home project stand out from the rest.

Materials used in the millwork are based on the wood species with specified uniqueness. This impacts its overall look and feel of the final millwork product. That’s why it becomes essential to use the right type of wood species and they are listed as below:-

1) Maple- One of the finest types of wood known for its strength and that’s why it’s generally used in flooring. It comes in 2 shades dark brown “Heartwood” and light brown “sapwood” with different varieties and well known for its high-quality level. Even used for any type of interior architectural millwork design

2) Red oak-Known for its durability and that’s why considered as strongest wood. As it looks as closed grain and appears splendidly attractive as a finest interior work.

3) Mahogany-Being one of the hardwoods that are commonly used in lavish places and appear as straight grain with a dark red brownish color. This looks astonishingly attractive in different types of architectural millwork designs.

4) Cedar-Being one of the softwood with red color, commonly used in building exterior, decks, furniture production. It looks like a straight grain and usually handles all types of environment.

5) Synthetic – They fall under those type of architectural millwork design which combines both synthetic and wood components and that’s why they are considered as latest trends for the upcoming architects and designers.

At C-Design we provide customised architectural case and millwork. We have rich experience in millwork detailing where we design each project with high-end woodwork and personalised craftsmanship. Details are one of our most important priority factor rights from woodwork installation to final products