Role Of Graphic Designer, Animator And Role Description

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

Graphical designer uses visual elements to communicate message through print ads and electronic media.It includes promotional videos, packaging,design for video games,magazine .Some of them work on free lancing basis. In order to excel in this field, you need to do bachelor degree in graphical designing or technical technique is essential in it.Also need to stay updated on new software or new design trends.


Creativity– Need to come up with new ideas

Listening –Understand clients need

Verbal communication-Clearly shows your ideas to clients

Decision making-Best communication method for communicating to clients

Time management-Able to prioritise your work

As an employee, multitasking and team management is required .Along with excellent verbal and communication skills,proper creative flair and ideas execution skills are required for any graphic designer.

ANIMATOR– As an animator you creates an extensive series of images that forms the animation seen in movies, commercials, television programs or video games. They work in certain areas like character or background or scenery.They use computer software to do their work.

As animator you need certain skills like college degree in animation or in computer graphic or in related field. An animator needs more than creative talent to work in this occupation. In addition to the technical skills you will learn in an academic program, you must have certain soft skills to be effective. As part of a team, good communication skills including strong listening and speaking skills, are extremely important for animation profile. Tight deadlines call for excellent time management skills. Without the ability to think creatively, you will not be able to generate ideas and bring them to fruition.

Desktop Publisher

They are one who publishes prints through software like in financial reports,business proposals, newspaper,and newsletter.He is the one who basically converts text,numerical data,photograph and chart .He should be proficient in in design,page maker,illustrator and Photoshop

With technical skills, animator requires important soft skills to succeed in this occupation.One should also have artistic and critical thinking as one of important qualities.Having good time management and active listening and speaking skills are few most essential qualities in any expert desktop publisher


Create and format place mats, flyers and newsletters/brochures using both company templates and custom designed PowerPoint layouts and Word templates to meet requirements.
Complete all document creation and modifications exactly and within the predictable timelines.
Design graphics for traditional and online advertising, social media, promotions, etc.
Review own work carefully before submitting to editors.