Posted on : Feb 12, 2021

With the advanced latest technologies like CAD, revolutionary changes have been made in many industries right from civil engineering to electrical engineering. Earlier the word drafting process/designing was considered As quite complicated and the manual tasks got transformed into highly simple and extremely beneficial due to computers. CAD technology has made manual work easy to perform as manual drawings got replaced by technological drawings which can be performed with higher accuracy, precision, and in lesser time. Due to a lack of automation tools, manual drawings were full of faults and inaccuracy as compared with the latest editable digital file for simple documentation. Therefore many companies have started adopting this technology for higher effectiveness and efficiency because of its precision factor, easy documentation, and digitalization.

CAD drafting has widely brought revolutionary changes in the construction industry. At C-DESIGN, we provide high-quality CAD services for better project execution along with high turnaround time, lesser costs, higher precision, and higher effectiveness.

Our CAD drafting process consists of:-

A) Initial connects with Clients-In this phase, we understand the scope of the project, arrange documents transfer for site survey, sketches, and survey data.

B) Drafting Construction drawings –In this phase, our expert CAD team performs drafting of construction drawings

C) Design checks-In these initial Design checks, the engineer will check 1st draft copy and approves after cross-referencing with earlier survey information’s

D) Feedback checks and Draft submission-In this phase, an initial level of feedback check will be taken from clients

E) Construction drawings revision-In this stage, engineers will be followed for any amendments/revision of construction drawings

F) Final Quality checks-Our Quality assurance team will finally check and review final drawings for higher accuracy and quality

G) Final client submission-Final drawings will be sent to clients for the final approval in the preferred formats.

We offer different CAD drafting services like Steelwork drawings, Millwork drawings, Architectural construction drawings, Shop drawings, Assembly drawings, Interior drawings. Kindly share your requirements and get your quote.