Most Important Part Of Construction Drawings- It All About Record Drawings

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

Construction drawings

Drawing as in layman language means making a mark on any surface which requires inspiration, time, energy and lots of practices. In the simplest way, it’s believed that anyone who can write their name can even draw. However, construction drawings are all about where the designer can provide all relevant details in bits and pieces about materials, parts, and where to place such items in the field. Following are its most important tips:-

Drawings are mostly all about observation skill-Drawing is all about observation skills. One should need to carefully observe an object in order to draw it. People tend to become little disappointed if their drawings don’t match its related object. But it should always be clear that construction drawings are just not like any other type of drawings, it requires skill, patience, and related field knowledge. As build drawings or record drawings are those types of construction drawings in which contractor shows its projects and related changes made during the construction process. As-build drawings which are part of construction drawings must be executed finally as final set of drawings. It’s always advisable to check accuracy level of as-built or record drawings by the contractor and such copies of drawings should be always available on the job site.

Following are some briefs about record drawings

All information about the contractor designed system should be provided. Even minute changes made in such record drawings should be provided along with details related to fabrication, installation, dimensions, materials, erection etc.

Certain words like ‘equals to’, or ‘similar to’ should be replaced with the exactness of information during construction drawings. It’s better to have written an explanation to describe changes and be clear in spelling and in writing legible fonts.

The person who is in charge of making record drawing for final construction drawing must date every sheet of the drawings in the upper right-hand portion and subsequent plan modification or changes must be made in supplemental pages with the official signature of the designer or contractor registrant.

Also, it’s advisable to use three base colours like red – for those items which are deleted, blue-for special details and green for those items which are added. These are indicators which can be used in construction drawings or even in record drawings.

Also, update index sheet with all latest drawings or changes. Be sure to add all general notes, special notes, schedules, profile, and section view. Always be consistent in adding changes and use same shapes or figure to denote changes or revision

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