Posted on : Jun 08, 2021

BIM technology plays an essential role in building a powerful process and solves any issues throughout the lifecycle of the building project. BIM plays an essential role in bridging the gap between facility owners, contractors and architects. Without this latest technology, it becomes difficult to coordinate between different stakeholders for as-build documentation and other related building procedures. Facility managers can easily manage everything with the help of this technology and can smoothly fill up any issues, gaps or delays in the construction project. Basically, facility management ensures proper operational management of the buildings which plays an essential role in the growth of any organization. Thus effective integration between BIM and facility management helps in making well-informed decisions. Below mentioned are some of the benefits of BIM technology and facility management:-

A)           Helps in developing client’s satisfaction-With the help of BIM technology, clients can experience a higher level of satisfaction by meeting their expectations and needs

B)            FM plays a bigger role-Because of integration between FM and BIM technology, building projects can easily improve facility management operations and business outcomes.

C)            Cost reduction-BIM technology enhances organizational growth, removes unwanted delays/gaps from their processes, virtually create building project with maximum perfection etc

D)           Reduces Risk factor-BIM professionals can effectively minimize errors, discrepancies, fire modelling capabilities so that designers create optimized public safety in an organization

E)            Visualization helps in making a perfect building project- As all stakeholders work together, projects can be easily visualized at the initial phase and modification required to modify design intent can be achieved as per their requirements.

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