Importance of Revit Drafting services to energize construction projects

Posted on : Nov 14, 2019

To building and construction industry players are driven by higher value prepositions when it comes to technology in use. One of the classic examples of this is acceptance of Building information modeling (BIM) and its softwares in not only the systems and processes but also while making key decisions in terms of design development & changes. Since last 1 decade, as the leading outsource architectural services and outsource CAD services provider to number of our esteemed global clients, one such demand of Revit drafting service is keeping us engaged in terms of deliverable.

From the house of leading CAD system solution provider, Revit is one of the flagship products of Autodesk and is very well accepted in the industry by engineers, builders, developers and architects to enable designing structures which are energy efficient with advance structural solution technically. As the leading outsource architectural service and outsource CAD service provider we understand the ways in which developers, builders and architects could incorporate Revit drafting service in order to increase the overall project efficiency. One of primary way to convert simple structural design into more meaningful and purpose driven model which incorporates information related to components and materials.

As one of the key features to reduce loss is incorporation of Revit’s clash detection feature which drafters could make use of while designing the systems like electrical, plumbing and mechanical. Also as one of the key features, the background information related to the drawing components like schedules, material take-offs etc. could be incorporated post design.

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