Posted on : Nov 10, 2021

In the field of AEC projects, architectural renderings and visualization technologies are considered as an important element in the concept presentation so as to increase the confidence and trust of prospective clients. Interior design documentation plays a major role in remodelling projects more effectively and efficiently and thereby seamlessly integrates existing spaces with the new ones. At C-DESIGN, we provide BIM outsourcing using the latest BIM software which allows growing our client’s creativity without any limitation. BIM technology helps to provide a comprehensive overview of the building projects right from scratch from the initial conceptualization stage to the demolition stage. We help to simplify the complex process of refurbishment/renovation of the existing building structures. Our latest technology which is popularly known as Revit helps to create effective interior design documentation. We provide BIM technology using innovative tools and technology to create an efficient building with effective performing units. The major advantages of BIM in interior design documentation:-

A) Better collaboration-We provide effective BIM outsourcing services which help in facilitating better collaboration among stakeholders, interior designers, architects and designers, etc. Our expert helps in creating various models which are interlinked and designers help in making detailed effective work with minimum fuss.

B) Power of visualization-Using BIM technology, our experts help in communicating ideas, analyze shapes and structures, evaluates different spaces and the overall future performance of the building structure. Visualization helps in comparing various design alternatives and accurately reflected in drawings, schedules, and views for saving time and improves overall credibility.

C) Builds perfect databases-Our experts help in finalizing documentation and placement of equipment and furniture. This helps in appropriate placing, scheduling, and documents such articles. Using Revit technology, our expert designers help in sorting, filtering, and counting all databases by giving parameters to each object. We provide interior design documentation for different renovation projects which help in executing flawless projects.

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