Posted on : Nov 11, 2021

An HVAC system helps in building 30% to 40% of the building structure energy cost and therefore mechanical engineers are designing such an energy-efficient system. Mainly, designers take advantage of the latest BIM technology for the HVAC drafting business. This becomes crucial when owners take responsibility for BIM equipment and sensors to manage better energy costs.

In the field of HVAC engineering, it became essential to employ BIM-trained drafters at the early phase because 3D graphics are linked to data. At C-DESIGN, we provide outsourcing Revit HVAC BIM services which help to meet customer deadlines more accurately, effectively, and consistently. Our company specializes in HVAC system engineering and design services. Below mentioned factors should be considered while outsourcing in HVAC BIM services:-

A) Client customer satisfaction-Clients satisfaction plays an important role when your organization meets all deadlines and achieves milestones by creating neat BIM drawings which help in growing business and brand reputation.

B) Skilled HVAC experts-Our skilled HVAC experts having more than 15 years of BIM experience helps in adding higher engineering capabilities in complex projects and thereby helps overall business to grow exponentially.

C) In-depth Revit knowledge-Our experts help in producing intelligent BIM HVAC models so that our client companies can be relieved of training, hiring, and supervising costly CAD professionals.

If you are looking to implement an HVAC system into your BIM models then contact us as we help in getting your way to construction success. We can help to grow your business, save money and increase your overall reputation.