Impact Of Technology On Architecture And 3D Printing

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

With the help of technology, everything is changing and getting better right from digital drawing, rendering to presenting building and products in way more presentable manner. Technology and architecture have always worked parallel to each other. Nowadays only with the aid of technology, vital things are becoming way simpler as compared to earlier times. More than 40% people on this planet are now using computer and internet With this emerging statistics of more than 5 billion peoples, we are daily learning new aspects and increasing our knowledge according to latest technology

With the advancement of technology, 3d printing has come out as a boon for all of us.Designer are not only making rapid and accurate prototyping but also making a full-scale representation of their work. There are many 3d Rendering programmes and soft wares available in the market like 3DS Max, Rhino vRay, octane render are helping the 3d designer in recreating 3d images most accurately. Such software provides detailed necessary information to architects, city planners, and interior designers. Another application named google earth is so detailed and comprehensive that user can feel like they have moved around the globe in 3d. Only because of hard work and persistence that 3d artist and engineers can able to create the digitalis revolutionary world and such progress will continue in the design industry.

Another important impact of the technology is on the development of virtual reality which has taken over the world. Very soon architects will be able to construct a 3d representation of their work and then with help of virtual reality can showcase their work to clients before putting up the first brick. Drones are another boon for our society so that people can get a real interior space idea before construction kick starts. Drones are generally used by realtors, architects, designers where they can fly it to capture most relevant views with the help of an on-board camera.