Illustration Process From Outsource Illustration Works

Posted on : Mar 27, 2019

Characters information
All Character stipulation to be illustrated must be provide from the clients end (reference characters, age, animal / human, cartoon or sensible etc).

Characters making
Based on facts provide by the client for quality creation, we will illustrate with send 2 -3 pencil sketch of the characters. limitless options will be provide until the client is fulfilled with the typeset.

Illustration Details
On support of the character, thorough narrative of each illustration must be sent to us from the clients end with requisite scene (story, reference illustration if any, back ground facts etc).

Illustration Creations

The creation of requisite Illustration will be base on the aspect description provide by the client. 1 to 2 pencil sketches of the illustration resolve be sent for consent. We will present limitless option awaiting you attain what you are look for.

Illustration Colouring

Once the pencil sketches are accepted we will start with the complexion of the illustration. At this exacting stage of the illustration only miniature alteration like altering of color, changing of look etc will be allowable. (Any main change at this stage will be emotional added).

Illustration Formats

finally, when the last illustration is accepted we will send the accepted illustration in JPG & PDF format. On demand any other format you need will be provide.