Posted on : Sep 17, 2020

In the field of the AEC industry, Architectural construction documents are considered as an important constituent that consists of all relevant and classified information’s full of diligence, creativity, innovation, and perseverance. Nowadays companies are constantly concerned about their design/part of designs getting stolen/ leaked before completion of its building projects. Also in this competitive world, the organisation often comes across some unscrupulous elements that use dishonest means to gain your design and related details. Thus companies look forward to save their creativity and protect themselves from the huge losses in financial and professional terms. Thus theft of construction management documents many times becomes a reality because controlling activities inside any other organisation becomes an impractical job.

Thus organizations always look forward to have a confidential agreement like NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) so as to safeguard their classified details. The following are essential key points which need to be mentioned in it:-

A) Specific information about the Time period for NDA-It must clearly specify the time period so as to avoid future confusion.

B) Specific confidential terms must be clearly defined-All relevant specific terms and confidential information should be clearly defined

C) Information about parties responsible for data should be clearly defined-Total information pertaining to both parties should be stated clearly in the agreement as it becomes a mutually binding contract for the concerned parties with an equal stake of the information.

In today’s fast-paced competitive world, Construction documents play an utmost important role as legally binding documents that make the overall architectural project successful involving different parties like builders, architectural firms, and contractors. Construction documents are a complete set of chronological drawings according to their occurrence where all required details pertaining to project design are shown. AT C-DESIGN, we have a team of highly dedicated architectural professionals, design consultants, drafts men, and skilled engineers who work united and as per international standards and codes. Simply contact us and we will offer you the best possible solution.