How To Design Costume As A Concept Artist

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

Costume designers play a very crucial role in entertainment industry as they gives style statement to characters and people in the creative production. Therefore it’s essential to decide about costumes for monsters or large creatures in concept art.So it equally essential is to do research work regarding characters personality traits,favourite activity or their behaviours. For eg if there are two characters opposite to each other in overall behaviour and personality then they will be designed as in opposite outfits.As a concept artist one should never stop in trying new things as adventure in artwork helps in creating extraordinary outcome.

At outsource creative works, our expert team of designers created imaginary fashion trends by understanding different moods in existing artwork and replicating them in their own art. We create outstanding costumes,images and set designs and animations for characters,props and vehicles.We are deep rooted in traditional method of making creative ideas for concept art but with outlook of modern approach.Right from drawing sketches,making iteration and refining the detail through black and white designs.Our key action shots and visual targets help in describing about tone of the product or moment in one single image.Our designers have mastered in 3 primary areas like props,environment and characters and this is the beauty of concept art. In this field, one can build up skills in particular area and that leads to better results.

We are having rich experience of working with global clients and can help in independent implementation of 2D graphics concepts for video games, movies, characters, storyboards and all related visual contents with effective use of color, form, light, and composition. We create all formats of 2D designs including concept arts in various forms and styling including photo realistic images, matte paintings, environment creation, magazine covers.