How To Demonstrate Art Design Portfolio In Showreel To Your Clients

Posted on : Mar 25, 2019

Whenever you want to showcase your 3d or 2d art in your design portfolio then it’s very much important to put your animation works all together in show-reel so as to attract potential users. Following are a tip which helps in crafting an everlasting impression in the mind of your clients:-

Add dialogues only when required-Whenever there comes the point to create of 2d or 3d animations in your art design assignment make sure to use dialogues only when required instead of using lines that come over again and again in the animation test. Always evade any type of loud background music in it. Instead, try to maintain a soothing balance between music and dialogues.

Keep spaces between animated scenes-Make sure to keep blank spaces between scenes which give users a chance to absorb what they have seen. And try to keep such 3d or 2d animation piece with few second spaces which indicate audiences about the moving of next scenes and gives them time to adjust and absorb what they have seen.

Keep different types of range of work-When you are showcasing your total art design skills in your show reel make sure to add different types of animation work, instead of focusing on a single type of work. Add different types of physical or acting animation in your work.

Always edit your work carefully-Make sure to edit your 3d animation work before submitting to your clients as any show reel beyond 3 minutes will impact audiences adversely. Show reel of your art design portfolio should be always between 2 or 3 min as it holds clients attention and interest level.

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