Helpful Tips For Making Rational 3D Rendering Transparent Objects

Posted on : Mar 25, 2019

When their question arises of making 3d transparent objects like glass then certain factors play important role in it. Certain reasons like the thickness of glass, the chemical composition of the materials and even the way materials bend light impacts its overall look in the 3d scene. The art of modeling with transparency objects is itself a skill as light bends differently with thickly layered objects as compared with thinly layered substance. Following below-mentioned methods are different ways in which one creates life to transparent objects:-

(1)Solid glass vs. thin glass- The most important aspect for any transparent objects is their thickness level which determines light reflection and bending factor. Whenever there is more thickness in the objects then it will reflect and bend more light. And when there is less thinness like in traditional light bulbs and bubbles then such type of objects can be shaped by modeling thin line into the object.

2) Another way is Dispersion-Whenever it’s about giving life to transparent objects then dispersion plays an important role if it’s available in render software. Dispersion means the process of splitting white light into 7 different colors when refracted by glass. Thus by splitting out light wavelengths through different transparent surfaces whether whiskey container made up of crystal or glass gives dispersion accordingly.

3) Index of Reflection-IOR means the estimation of how light passes through a substance and the overall level at which it influences objects behind transparent objects when seen by naked eyes or camera. It’s believed that IOR values are generally accurate and thus putting the value of 1.5 will give a good estimation of glass in the current render engine.

4) Transparency scale-It’s very much important to put your model at the correct scale because transparency and light reflective qualities are majorly dependent on the model scale. Like a whiskey glass which is 2m tall will transmit and reflect light very differently as compared to normal size glass.

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