Eleven Rig Used In Animation – Outsource Animation – Animation Services

Posted on : Mar 27, 2019

One of the majority accepted rigs worn by our students, regularly for entry into the monthly Eleven Second Club contest is the Eleven Rig, accessible for free download at the Resources page of the club.

“Eleven” is a big little rig and ideal for receiving a actually nice character performance. It’s good for lipsync, body pose, and facial words. It’s also rather easy to hear and sensibly rational in its setup.

Eleven’s eye look weird – how preserve I fix it?

One of our Staff Viju has done a speedy Photoshop solution of a frequent problem with the eleven rig eye while import into a picture.
1) select the eye geometry
2) choose normal’s in the toolbar
3) Select ‘reverse normal’s’.

What is the license for this rig?

Eleven is an release source rig, so you are “allowable to do the lot you want with it, which include any adjust to the rig, or its facade, porting it to other software packs, and with it for profitable work”.though you must praise its creators, and they also ask to you don’t use it for everything pornographic or hateful. Which is just superior general sense, really.