Construction Drawing And Its Types

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

Construction drawing is all about working drawing which helps in drawing design of the building either graphical or written.For e.g. paint colour which needs to be applied on walls will be listed by manufacturers name,phone and many other details.Construction drawings are considered as graphical and written records of those made during designing process. It should be complete, concise and coordinated.A complete set of construction is considered complete only when all details builder required are displayed adequately.Construction drawing saves money, time and frustration during project construction.

Construction set generally consist of

Interior elevation and details
Demolition plan
Plans(foundation,floor and roof)
Mechanical and electrical plans
Wall section and details
Structural plans and details
Proper documents are essentials to minimise misunderstandings,cost overruns and construction delays. Crisp construction drawings can promise that information is consistent and relevant. Repeated information or unnecessary details only confuse the scope of work.

Types of construction drawing

Structural drawing-It helps in defining every little detail about structure like strength of different part of structure, placement,size and grade of reinforcement.Also consist of many drawing sheets inside it.

Electrical drawing -In this type of drawings details of electrical wiring, location description,fixtures and sub-station with electrical load calculation are also shown.

Architectural drawing –In this type of drawing it gives a complete sight of building and also describes the location of a building and where to place every parts of building etc. Also it holds many other drawing sheets of different names like plan, elevation, section etc.

Plumbing and sanitary drawing -In this type of drawings location of sanitary and water supply piping and fixture and how to connect every fixture shown

As-built drawing –Architectural design that imitate changes made during the construction process, recording changes between the unique design and the completed structure. As they are based on design drawings used during construction where measured drawings are usually made long after construction is completed and no design drawings exist.