Character Model Making For Games

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

A video game is categorised into different categories like computer games and console games. With the increase in the numbers of gamers right from kids to senior, this computer games can be played on a computer system, laptop or on mobile phones. With the emergence of social media, video gamers are getting photo-realistic graphics which provides astonishing results to them.

Do your research work and understand your limitations
Before you start working on any project, always make sure to understand its core or purpose initially and then step forward towards it. Also, make sure about existing environmental settings like working in centimeters or meters. Always be totally clear about final output of characters. Create a folder of photographs or concept sketches files beforehand when it’s time to create them.

Make a simple start
Whenever it’s about making characters, always make sure to not to jump directly into making details like hand or hand but instead of this focus on the whole body initially using basic primitives and stitch them together. So that overall feel about characters body proportions can be traced out. A simple smoother model with low polygon count is to use subdivision surface through which you can create higher detail models from low-resolution cage mesh.

Some artist makes their character model with lots of details but in video game industry its mere wastage of time. If your model is seen from distance then their no use in adding details. For e.g. No need to show individual fingers when one can use mitten style hands.

Always make sure to keep topology clean
There is no need to add extra details to the model as whenever it moves around the screen, many parts will intersect with the main model, crushing overall gaming experience. Avoid any messy typology with random edges and vertices or else models need to be re-edited that will increase future workload.

Act smarter
Instead of recreating models again, it’s always better to make good hand model with perfect topology.Even sometimes if your model is symmetrical then just half model it and then mirror it. In the game industry, character design work goes into different hands before it gets into the final game.Hence correctly name each model and delete unused shades and nodes. Also, add normal maps to your images as this will create superb surface details to them but remove polygons.

Keep backup
Many times hardware and software have bad days too. In such case, it’s always better to take help of certain applications so that your work gets saved subsequently and one can roll back for an earlier version of it.

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