Posted on : Feb 26, 2020

Technical construction drawings are all detailed functions/features of any structure which are explained through drawings. Their main role is to visualise and create structured objects and therefore they are considered as different from artistic drawings. Also, artistic drawings convey different meanings, unlike technical construction drawings which specify a single meaning.

Through technical drawings, basic communication skills are conveyed between clients and designers. And it’s voluntarily used between architects, electricians, plumber, contractors, and engineers.

Basic documents used in technical construction drawings are

•             Detail drawings

•             Shop drawings

•             Assembly/Installation drawings

•             Component drawings

•             Design intent drawings

•             Sketches

•             As for build drawings

Types of Technical Construction drawings are

A) Hand Technical construction Drawing-These manually drawings consist of various components like dimensions, orthographic drawings, isometric drawings with the help of a specialised technical illustration.

B)Rendering-They is termed as computerised technical drawings with help of different softwares like Revit, BIM, Auto CAD which transforms 2D drawings into 3D dimensional life-like drawings. Different features like lamination, colours, shadows are also added so as to create realistic images.

Important tips for creating technical construction drawings are as followed:-

A) Technical construction drawings should convey detailing with maximum information in minimum illustration through the different thickness of lines

B) Make sure to keep specification information separate so as to avoid contradiction and duplication.

C) Make sure to have best practices for annotation and documentation and use symbols, title blocks, dimensions, and notation so as to have a consistent design work

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