Posted on : Nov 05, 2021

At C-DESIGN, we offer comprehensive BIM services to homebuilders for design, planning, documentation of societies, residential construction projects, private properties, bungalows, housing schemes, etc. We help homebuilders to enhance overall designing and drafting productivity, reduce building costs, minimizes material consumption, and augment profit margins. We are having an expert team with advanced tools and technology for boasting for residential construction and minimizes design flaws which help in integrating clients’ requirements for effective home building.

Our BIM offerings for residential property owners include:-

  • 3D building modeling capabilities for presentation, construction and marketing
  • Data-driven process for construction scheduling and project management
  • 3D renders and realistic deliverables for websites and brochure
  • MEP BIM, Architecture, structure for defined and accurate 3D models
  • Set of production drawings like elevation plans, structural framing, foundation drawings, detailed floor plans and sectional drawings

Major benefits of BIM modeling services for the construction industry are as mentioned below:-

  1. Detailed Construction documentation for project profitability
  2. Better strategic decisions and effective project management with higher BIM deliverables
  3. Precise and quick equipment pre-fabrication to develop structural objects
  4. Highly accurate and clash-free MEP models and realistic architecture for winning more projects

Contact us and get your quotation for adding value-adding solutions for drafting and design works using high-interactive CGI renders and animation services.