Posted on : Aug 06, 2021

In the field of the AEC industry, virtual reality plays an essential role in right from the gaming industry into engineering and architectural applications. Basically, not everyone gets the benefit of moving around the building physically either due to geographical boundaries. And thus organizations have started realizing the importance of VR in the architectural world in the early phase of structural designing so as to create a virtual replica of the building structure. Major benefits of this technology are:-

A) Easy option-Virtual tour is considered extremely essential because it is considered as an easy option because it minimizes rework, errors, confusion and takes all stakeholders on the same page of the construction stage. Thus transparency of information helps in reducing errors and more importantly in the early phase of design.

B) Complete tour-One of the biggest advantage of virtual reality is to create a virtual walkthrough of the building structure like moving around the room, stepping upstairs, panoramic view of the spaces, and more. This visualization technology helps users to get better ideas of the building structure at any time and from any part of the world. Even investors can get better ideas of the building structure and owners also get clear ideas about the property first-hand at a higher resolution environment.

At C-DESIGN, we facilitate effective virtual reality which stimulates a 3dimensional environment and makes an interactive physical environment through the electronic environment. Kindly contact us and get your quote.