Posted on : Mar 03, 2021

With the wave of Covid-19, the demand for the healthcare construction industry has changed drastically and therefore need for healthcare facilities and hospitals are increasing exponentially. In such a situation, BIM software is considered as winning digital technology which helps in minimizing errors, enhances precision, increases accuracy, better scheduling, and higher quality construction.

The latest technology popularly known as BIM in the healthcare industry increases better collaboration between different stakeholders-architects, designers, modelers, developers, owners, fabricators, etc helps in streamlining designs, approvals, and construction operations. BIM technology reduces errors and enhances the overall quality of construction at every stage of healthcare projects.

Below mentioned are some of the advantages of BIM technology for hospitality and healthcare projects:-

A) Reduces errors and minimizes rework-3D BIM model is plays an essential role in clash detection or interference detection during entire construction projects. Therefore creating clash-free 3D models not only saves time in the early design phase but also reduces rework at the later stages. Also, any potential issues can be easily detected onsite and become the best solution for the strong planning of healthcare infrastructure.

B) Hospital assets can be better monitored-Engineers, developers, architects, etc use this latest technology popularly known as BIM software for storing assets information in the Revit model. Healthcare units consist of a wide range of tools and instruments and BIM software stores all asset-related information into the inventory.

C) Creates faster production with BIM technology-Because of the rise of this pandemic situation, the need for healthcare facilities is skyrocketing. Therefore in such a situation, BIM technology helps speed up the construction process. Thus effective scheduling and planning, preconstruction visualization, and interdisciplinary coordination helps to minimize rework and accelerates the overall construction process. Also, prefabrication technology significantly reduces the project timeline.

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