Augmented Reality And Its Usefulness In Business

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

Augmented Reality
The main advantages of using augmented reality in business for tablets and smartphones is that their usage is quite spontaneous and creative. This has opened new markets in different fields like real estate, banking, healthcare, and manufacturing.


AR marketers are considered it as one of the biggest boons for all fields. Project managers can monitor their work in progress and can save lots of time by digital plants and maps. Through AR, one can measure work progress and thus manufacturing work can be accelerated at high speed with the optimal output.


Because of AR, unlimited teaching opportunities can be brought into existence with the real-life simulations. Virtual world gets authentic and one can implement in real life with psychological and physical experience. For E.g. medical students can try their first surgeries without hurting patients or astronauts can plan for next space mission


With the help of this technology, routes and destination, signs on streets, sightseeing information can be gathered from GPS mobile apps.

Following are major benefits of AR for marketers

AR helps in developing content quality- With the help of AR tool, users can create unique and attractive contents.

AR increases opportunities for presentation-One can express himself/herself with more openness and engaging content rather than standard presentation manner.

More and more customer’s engagement increases as one can increase new customer acquisition through it. Also, one can surprise their customers and provide with something new and attractive output.

With our rich experience, we strongly believe the key measure of an Augmented Reality system is how real it integrates augmentations with the real world. The system must be able to derive real-world environment which is not dependent on mere camera images. At C-Design we always make sure to understand client’s requirements properly and then offer them best possible competitive augmented reality model by using latest tools and technologies. Our clients always have transparent communication with us and proper coordination with them at every developmental stages. Our proficient designers are well qualified and proficient in their fields and possess necessary tools & techniques to design live direct or indirect view of physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by system-generated sensors.