Posted on : Jun 10, 2020

In today’s world, Architectural rendering is considered as the most important field which attracts clients and investors by creating photo realistic renders of the buildings which helps in bringing life to these ideas. The word ‘perfect render’ is considered as a subjective term and different architects have different definitions of it. With the advancement of technology, architects have started improving renders and have reached a level of great realism which turns out beneficial to everybody like clients, investors, engineers, designers, and architects. Traditionally it was 2D renders from CAD, now it has changed to 3D renders which can be visualised and manipulate d to VR. Below mentioned are some important points which create perfect renders;-

A)           The presence of nature-Renders having nature and outside scenery makes it more convincing for your customers, clients, and investors. Adding extra elements like flowers, trees, plants in a detailed manner can create photo realistic effects on your renders.

B)            Exact coordination between lighting and shadow-Generally 3D renders becomes ineffective and artificial if we use the inappropriate amount of lighting and shadow. Just like excessive lighting may turn out to wash off all relevant details of your images. Always apply proper lighting effects so that viewers may not lose their focus but instead get more engaged in it. Adequate lighting followed by shadows will add perspective and depth in your 3D renders. Another technique commonly known as vignetting helps in directing viewers towards the center of the image

C)            Requires 3D models-As compared to traditional 2D models, there is a lot of demand for realistic render which can be visualised through 3D software. This software helps designers and architects to go for planning and designing without facing any hassles. Different features like more detailing, texturing, lighting, perspective can be easily added through 3D programmes.

D)           Conveying full content-When it’s about creating 3D renders, then it becomes crucial to display all relevant details along with matching camera angles and placing them properly. This technology consists of visualisation, perception, presentation along with audiences that can view every detail in an immersive way.

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