Posted on : Sep 22, 2021

In the field of the AEC industry, there are numerous reasons which show why many engineering and architectural firms need CAD to Revit conversion services. In the traditional drawings, many errors occur like low-quality drawings, missing datas, lost layers, etc create an overall imbalance in the entire construction project. Therefore such types of AutoCAD to Revit conversion create the below-mentioned benefits:-

  1. Highly compatible with the existing AutoCAD system-The major advantage of using Autocad to Revit conversion software is the interoperability of using both platforms. Any old projects in AutoCad format can be easily converted and used for Revit projects. And therefore its preferred choice of BIM application
  2. Conversion of all drawing types-At C-Design, we are a conversion service provider for all types of AEC drawings like mechanical, fire, electrical, safety, plumbing, and security. We mainly focus on creating a project which is Revit based to have an easy integration into the BIM framework
  3. Converted drawings are clean ones-Before converting AutoCad files into Revit files, it becomes necessary to clean up extra information like unused reference files, block references, unused layers, or clipped windows. After purging and cleaning, consolidated items can be fixed into it.
  4. Better integration of Revit content from manufacturers-Nowadays 3rd party suppliers and vendors which manufacture new products are in Autocad format (.dwg) and Revit format. Such conversion of drawings into Revit allows interior designers to use Revit-based interior objects/furniture from these manufacturers.
  5. File sharing between fabricators and contractors-Nowadays many secondary engineering and architectural companies are adopting BIM-based model- shop drawings, Bim compatible services to reduce clashes and errors/delays. Thus structural Revit projects should have plumbing and mechanical model compatible with Revit rather than AutoCad.