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Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

Benefits of VFX
Since the beginning of earlier times, a human being always used different ways of communications in order to express their feeling, thoughts, goals, or even to express their stories. Hence the invention of films comes into existence where with the advent of latest technology and tools, VFX artist is having full control over their images in the best possible way which was impossible during the live-shoot action.

In the process of making movies, conveying its story part is technically complex task as many times it becomes difficult for a director to narrate the exact story in the stipulated time frame or lack of imagination happens in the viewer’s mind etc. Hence such predicament got solved forever with the emergence of VFX OR visual effects in the television industry.

Major benefits of VFX are related to cost-effectiveness- When its required to change, altered or enhance any imaginary situations then it becomes costlier like if scene or movie needs to be shot at another country, or something related to past or future. But now because of VFX and different process like camera tracking, 3d animation, painting and rot scoping and composting etc helps in giving an unbelievable output which was not possible in live action shoot. Thereby it helps in eliminating dangers like risky stunts, explosions, crashes etc which not only creates a high-quality level of final results but also gives higher opportunities for filmmakers and artist to expand their visual creativity level.

Another important advantage of VFX studios is about controlling factor. As time is considered as greater than money thus directors can have overall control regarding enhancement or alteration of visual shots which are impossible during live action shoots. Like it definitely takes more time and money to build a castle, making people fly or fighting monsters etc. All such visual imaginary looks so realistic and are easily accessible to independent filmmakers because of compositing software and user-friendly animation.

VFX is categorized into

Matte painting-This has painted a representation of set, location or any landscape so as to create the illusion for viewers which is not present at filming place.

Animation-This helps in creating characters or objects movements in 3d or 2d.

Motion Capturing-Its 3d animation tool for capturing human movements

Rigging –Used not for imitating physical process or real anatomy but to control twisting of mesh data.

Compositing- Combining Computer Generated Images with real-life elements so as to look as if they were shot together.

CGI-Computer Generated Images is considered as one of the well know computer graphic application which helps in enhancing or generating in TV programmes, Films, simulators, printed media, video games or in art.

Rot scoping-This is one of the animation techniques where animators map out over live-action film movement frame by frame so as to use in animated films.