Augmented Reality

Posted on : Mar 14, 2019

At C-DESIGN, we provide reliable and reputed augmented reality services that create enhancements to GPS data, sound, motion, and picture in the animated content for making an effective virtual environment. We implement this technology by upgrading the details, appeal, and appearance of the virtual world and thus users will be unable to differentiate between real and virtual life. We provide customized AR solutions in the followings ways:-

  • Education in Augmented reality-At C-DESIGN, we incorporate AR in the education sector where students and teachers can easily explain ideas and concepts about atoms, volcanoes, hearts or planets, etc in a more detailed way and help to bring them to life using this technology.
  • Manufacturing in Augmented reality-Using AR technology, manufacturers can easily take a relevant and quick decision or can remain virtually present in all events. Also, managers can analyze or track progress virtually in real-time.
  • Brand Awareness services in AR-This technology helps in creating brand awareness and marketing promotion through a virtual representation of products /services and thereby enhances the overall purchase process.
  • Entertainment and Media in AR-This technology help in creating immersive experiences for clients and customers and thereby makes it an overall powerful and influential experience for them. It impacts television shows, music videos, and sporting events in creating lasting experiences in the mind of the viewers.