3D Rendering Services – Urban And Natural Architectural Rendering

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

In AEC industry, whenever there is a point for 3d rendering services then lots of factors and instances should be considered while deciding about it. Natural architecture is all about that art form which connects human with nature. In this nature was considered as the biggest asset and thus it took us back when mankind was having a harmonious relationship with nature. Here nature was big source /medium for designing and building process. Roots of natural architecture can be traced back from 1960’s.With the help of this protest; it provides a revolutionary change and awakening so that this new generation designers can appreciate nature in a real way while designing process. Known as minimal art which uses most attractive materials from nature not only makes designing so imaginary and economical but also should be profoundly moving.

However urban architecture is all about giving place to an area by creating lively neighbourhoods, identifiable landmarks and unique architecture, commercial centres, safe public areas, decorative elements in public areas. It’s in nature polar opposite to natural architecture focusing more on the urban setting for efficient proximity between work and living environment. The main emphasis is based on spaces where architectural work is designed according to an urban setting. With the increase in world population, the demand for urban architectural work is on a high note because of its efficiency and practicality. It makes urban lifestyle quite easy and forms an integral part of a modern generation. Its architectural design is made up of a conscious blend between natural and urban architecture. The Urban architectural design consists of coordination and design between all components that make town and city like buildings, transport, public space and streets.

Public space-They represent high-quality life in the city or considered as the drama of life. Also known as the living room of the city.

Streets –Represent connection between spaces and places. They are described by physical dimensions and characters along with shapes and size of the building that line them

Transport-This consist of roads, rail, pedestrian network along with the proper balance between them that defines the quality of city life. So that properly balanced transport helps in either being friendly or hostile to the environment and pedestrian.

Landscape-They Represent green part of the city like trees, flower and water bodies or plants that helps in making soft contrasting spaces and elements.