September 9, 2017
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    Site Plan is all known as block plan which includes proposed development in relation to property boundary which is usually in scales of either 1:200 or 1:500.Site plan basically includes position and size of existing building,position and use of any other building, position and width of any adjacent streets.While location plan means proposed development in relation to its surrounding properties based on up to date map and are with scales generally as 1:1250 or 1:2500.

    Main important element while designing site plan is to draft master plan .Various social,physical and institutional factor are to be consider while framing it like site map analysis,its boundary,maps showing surrounding land uses and infrastructure facilities –adjacent buildings, sewer, bus stop etc.

    Before selecting any site plan, it’s always advisable to understand local laws and abide them .Creating site in beautifully healthy atmosphere makes sound living and working condition.Site plan detailing should always be constructed at elevated position and should also be levelled with uniform slopes from one end to another.It should be developed in such a soil having high safe bearing capacity to provide economical foundations.Must be away from kins, factories, industries, river carrying heavy floods,water logged areas etc.Lastly financial and legal parameters should always be considered.


    Take help of scale.Make sure to have architectural or engineering scale instead of standard scale.And note it on the plan.

    Make a property lines: – Write down dimensional measures and trace out property lines in the site plan detailing

    Draw all buildings and structures: – Make solid line as structure and the buildings.And dashed line as additional structures

    Show driving and park plan:-In relation to property lines, show driveways,walkways, patios and parking areas.Also mention proposed paved areas with dashed line.

    Other items must be on it: Name of the owner,name of neighbourhood and arrow indicating North direction. Also show drainage,other easements and utility on the site plan detaining.

    According to latest reports best rank holding architectural software’s available in markets are

    Bluebeam PDF Revu – Used to mechanise and accelerate serious work process.

    CorelCAD- It’s used to create powerful technical graphics quickly and easily.

    SmartDraw- Helps in drawing and designing office home or deck in few minutes.

    AutoCad- Helps in making 2d and 3d design model that helps in automating design works with digital tools

    Geniebelt- Helps as project management app for construction.

    ArchiCAD-helps in developing BIM (Building information modelling) software products which are very much useful to interior designers,planner and architects

    Clear view In focus-Software’s that help in client tracking,accounting,project management etc

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