Sheeny Brass is back in Furniture Design as Home Décor element

December 21, 2017
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    Furniture Design as Home Décor element


    As an industry experts since year 2005, we have observed number of trends shaping Furniture design industry. One of the key returning trends we have been observing these days is shift towards more warmly aesthetic elements like Brass over high shine of Gold, Chrome and Steel in Furniture design and modeling.



    A trend much established and accepted in western world is now moving and becoming popular in Asia Pacific region of the world is demand for warmer and softer shades of brass, burnished gold and hammered bronze over early Stainless steel and chrome. Many of our clients in Furniture manufacturing have showed keen interest in moving from traditional metals to more warmer shades of brass for their latest Furniture design requirements.


    There had been a move away from the high shine, perfect finish of gold towards metals with pleasing platina; Brass is glamorous without being ostentatious and that is what feels more palatable for consumers right now.  Brass has sense of heritage, comfort and contemporary style. Many manufacturers have been mixing this aesthetically warm element with darker metals, such as oil rubbed bronze and copper for more eclectic looks.

    We have also observed that this Furniture Design renaissance is not only been banked upon by High streets but also high end stores globally.

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