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May 4, 2018

    Floor plan

    A floor plan is the scaled diagram of any building or room view from above which includes measurements, furniture, appliances or anything else which are necessary for its making. Thus floor plan helps in showing full building, room or one single floor of the building.

    When it’s about building or designing any home or commercial complex, floor plan plays an utmost role. Providing spaces inside any home or wall obviously helps in gaining its more market value. There are certain features which are important while designing floor plans are:-

    It should fit your priorities-If your work area at home is well lighted and with quite a location then it would be considered as one of better floor plan design. Same applies to the kitchen if it’s having a free flow of spaces at the between the rooms make its easy and convenient place to stay and thus becomes good floor plan features.

    There should be a proper balance between practical considerations and architectural details.Also whenever it’s about making room, hallway or an entire building, make sure to consider a number of people staying at that place for one time.That’s why advisable to consider flexibility and versatility before planning to make any floor plan designs.


    Steps for making a floor plan

    Decide about an area-Brainstorm your mind whenever it’s about making floor plans for the room, floor or an entire building.This will give clear mindset about its making like deciding about shape and size of location on which it will be developed well before the projects begin.

    Look for measurements –Measurements plays utmost importance while creating any single room or an entire building.Go for measuring walls, furniture and rooms so that accuracy will be maintained and helps to make correct floor plan designs. Whatever is the area decided, make sure to create a layout within that area.

    Thereby starts adding architectural unchangeable things like doors, walls, refrigerator, dryer, dishwasher or any other appliances to the plan so that everything gets placed in a suitable location. Lastly, add furniture to it so that overall floor plan gets ready.



    C -Design’s 2D Floor Plan service ranges from real estate houses, apartment projects, medical facilities, school, shopping area or marine bases to even renovation of properties like hotels. Our expert team provides faultless and unique floor plan services right from sketch to digital form. Output for our 2D Floor plans are available in high-resolution client’s specified files like PDF, JPG, PNG or as per the scale. We always strive for excellence as our expert designers possess all latest knowledge related to advance software tools to achieve the highest level of accuracy. We work on customised requirements such as the inclusion of interior & exterior measurements, customised names, personalised colours, and textures to differentiate rooms/layouts etc. We are one of the premium organisation with high victory rates and our clients always gets best possible results once they choose us.

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