September 1, 2017


    With the help of computer, architectural design becomes very much simple and easier. Through CAD (computer aided design), manual process of designing become enriched with the help of hardware and software extensively. Output of cad work is all about 2d/3d geometry like curves, surface and solids.

    Benefits of cad work

    Saves time-It helps in saving time and makes design more efficient in shorter time duration.

    Code re-use-With help of computer aided design entire process of repetition can be removed. And different parts of design and code can be copied and reused again.

    Increases accuracy- In manual drawing, accuracy can never be achieved .But in CAD there are tools to measure skills and accuracy of designs. Efforts decreases as software automates designing process. With help of cad, errors can be fixed and changes can be modified easily. Percentage of errors while manually designing increases and significantly reduces to nil in CAD work.

    CAD is used in different industries like


    Designing of missiles, space shuttles and high tech aircrafts requires high level of accuracy. With immense acuteness, cad software can be used for methodological planning and implementation.

    Jewellery designing

    Being one of the big booming industries, jewellery segment is ever growing. With the help of cad, new and designs can be made with lot of details and precision. There are different types of CAD software available in jewellery segment. Fine imprint in jewellery turns out to be very much handy in jewellery industry

    Civil engineering

    While designing big towers or planning a bridge requires lot of consideration of main points as a single flaw can make it problematic. Cad work can be made with all fine details because of this software in civil projects.

    Cartography – cartography which is all about map making. Mapping becomes very easy and with accuracy .This tool can easily measure distances and fine details .And that’s why cad helps in making accurate maps

    CAD work is all about installing graphical card into computer so that cad system can be started to work out. Graphics kernel is main component of cad software package.GUI is another important element of cad software which helps in generating user input and displaying cad geometry. Many a time’s input devices like keyboards and mouse are used .Also tracker ball and digitizer are also used many a times as per requirements for Cad work.

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