September 20, 2017
    Architecture Services


    With the help of CAD (Computer aided design) or CADD (Computer aided design and drafting), helps in designing and designing documentation .Thus CAD software have replaced manual drafting with automated process. Through such programmers, new design ideas, new concept can be visualised through photo realistic renderings.



    3D Printing- Through these activity unique prototypes, concept design or three dimensional objects can be generated. Used mostly in jewelry architecture, automotive aerospace and dental industries.


    CAD Implementation Review-Through this activity helps in auditing existing cad software installation. Quality of CAD installation review has direct impacts on cam integration cost, training cost or downstream cost.


    CAM /CNC Integration-Computer aided manufacturing/computer numerically controlled integration services are used for manufacturing parts by joining cad package with production software and systems


    Engineering drawings- Through such drawings, technical work related to engineering items can be carried out. Engineering drawings are in accordance with standard for interpretation, nomenclature, layout and appearance.


    Surface modelling- For making aesthetics surfaces for engineering components including gas turbine blades or outer bodies.


    Simulations-This is used for making an abstract body of a system under study .Generally used in industrial processes.


    Solid modelling- Used for representing real 3d objects  and their properties like colour ,material etc. in digital format. Generally useful in animations, rapid prototyping, medical testing, computer graphics or technical visualisation


    Detailing- This helps in adding extra details to existing drawings .Mainly used by designers, drafters, technicians, toolmakers, machinist and welders .



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