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CAD Conversion

Storing and maintaining architectural drawings in paper for your projects and sites is not feasible due to the difficulty in handling as well as maintaining. Maintaining them as AutoCAD files is the right solution in this age of technology. By digitizing your architectural plans, it can be easily archived, accessed, shared and edited during the course of the building project. We at C-Design help you in converting any type of architectural plans in paper to dimensionally accurate and precise AutoCAD files. By outsourcing your CAD conversion requirements to C-Design, you are guaranteed with not just conversions, but an accurate digital drawing by our qualified team who are dedicated to add value for your business. Advantages of outsourcing CAD Conversions to C-Design Superior quality drawings from even poor quality originals Experienced team of Engineers, Architects and Draftsmen Global exposure and understanding of international codes and standards Quick turnaround time Whether it’s a scanned paper document, a hand-drawn one or any digital image file, we can convert it to dimensionally accurate CAD drawings. Click here to know more. We are happy to offer quotes for CAD Conversion off-shoring requirements.