September 22, 2017


    Architectural drawing is all about technical drawing of house or any kind of building through graphical representation such as symbols or lines. Such technical drawings are used by architectures, engineers and constructors to develop design ideas and helps in conveying their thoughts. An architect is the one who have lots of passion and love for science and business. All architects have one thing common- they provide privacy for all human activities. Architecture work is not only art and science but more than this. It is one of the Nobel art of all arts and that’s why known as most meaningful type of art. Architecture is all one of the interdisciplinary work made up of mathematics ,art, science, technology, politics and history. Usually architecture work is operated by architects passion, taste, approach, taste and talent or philosophy. Architecture designing is all about indicating inside or outside of building or precisely highlighting measurements for construction. It’s always issued in sets of different sheets like electrical, mechanical or plumbing. Architects helps in making many major projects like building bridges, highways or houses as without their design work its impossible tb o convince clients about the merit of architectural work.

    Architecture work consists of set of drawing standards that includes sections, cross sections, site plan, floor plan etc. Architecture drawing is all about drawing site plan as its first step. Site plan means viewing buildings from above so that location and orientation of plot land can be formed. More information about site typography, landscaping utilities and site work can be obtained through it.Next most important step comes about making floor plan. Floor plan is all about representing horizontal dimensions of the building space. They help in defining rooms and portion and its relationship with each other. Through it stairs, doors and windows, finishing and entrances can be defined .And also thickness of exterior and interior wall can be decided

    Building sections

    Through this building construction along with technical implementation such as building materials, height of the building and level can be illustrated.

    Building elevations

    Elevation of the building are drawn from four main faces of building


    They shows building exterior vertical surface like windows ,doors, size and height of the building ,shape of the building ,materials of exterior surfaces and dimensions.

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