December 14, 2017
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    Augmented reality means all about adding something into the natural world whether its sound, graphics, and touch feedback. Both the worlds whether its virtual or real one helps in providing new and better world wherein virtual environment plays an important role in providing assistance in daily activities. Through this computer-based objects can be seen in the real world so that user can easily view them with the help of this technology. Both synthetic and natural light can be seen by the users so that projected images can be seen on the top of the pair of see-through glasses. Such technology-driven devices are self-contained as they don’t need any cable or desktop computer to function.


    *)cameras– Cameras and sensors are located outside the devices which are used to collect information about outside world and which interacts with the real world along with interpreting them. Such devices firstly access nearby physical objects and then generate the digital model.

    *) Projection- Through this type of technology, human interaction takes place by sending artificial light into the real-world surface. Users experience can be easily detected by differentiating between the known projection and changed projection (because of users interaction).Information taken by cameras are then processed further and projected in front of the user whether its wall or wrist. In future, it’s sure that because of this technology, users won’t need iPad to play online games as they can be able to play on a tabletop in front of them.

    *) Processing- Augmented reality devices are basically known as minicomputer having essential computer powers and certain components like GPU, flash memory, RAM, Bluetooth microchip, GPS, CPU etc. Advanced version of augmented reality devices utilizes magnetometer (it works as compass and analyses in which direction head is pointing), accelerator (defines speed in which head is moving).

    *) Reflection –Mirror plays an important role in augmented reality devices as they help in showing your eyes about virtual image. Some augmented devices have small curved mirrors(magic leap augmented reality device)others have simple double side mirrors.

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