August 25, 2017
    Architectural Services


    With the advancement of technology, 3d modelling soft wares like Revit and Google sketch up model have made complicated task very much simpler and faster.However when it’s all about making architectural model by hand requires lot of patience,time and concentration.

    Start off with sound idea

    Before starting any drawing and architectural designing have total clarity about the purpose of making and also decide about sources for your idea like internet or TV or others.Create a subject line and make few options for it.And narrow down these options so that perfect idea can be easily selected.


    Basic preparations

    Cutting tool

    Utility knife –To cut relatively larger and thick model parts

    X-acto knife-to cut small detail pieces

    Scissor – rough cutting

    Cutting mat-OLFA/ALVIN

    Board materials:-

    Chip board

    Thin plywood- For cutting

    Sheet print

    Thin and thick white foam boards

    Measurement /rulers

    6” 12”18” rulers- on size of model


    Choose your tool carefully:– Always make sure of your tools and choose them carefully just like X-acto knife and glue gun are most powerful among them. Unplug glue gun and always cover X-acto when they are unused.


    Go for sectional cutting and floor plan drawing:-In this phase make floor plan and sectional cut drawing on piece of paper or tracing paper so that size of each piece can be judged from the model.With the help of paper draw dimensional measures like height to weight, thickness and angle and all them need to be calculated while making these model draft initially. Mention dimensional measurement on the drawings or else repeated calculation of each piece will be required to be done every time.


    Cut and apply glue

    While making any architectural work, always use sharp tools so that cutting can be carried out nicely and also give sharp clean edges.Models look much better with clean and neat edges.Also while making interiors always make sure not to stick all models together or else it will create mess for finding each pieces if any trouble appear afterwards.


    Colour your model

    Colour papers and materials like plastic sheets and plywood are many options one can use while making final model instead of white foam or chip board.

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