September 28, 2017
    Outsource Architectural Services

    Architectural design is all about decomposition of a system into different parts and interaction between functional and non-functional requirements. Main elements of the software of architectural design are-

    *Requirements generated by analysis task

    *Hardware architecture- configured by software architect

    Architectural description is the output of architectural design process .However basic architecture design process is made up of following steps

    • Knowing the problem- Without proper understanding of software problem or product it’s impossible to carve out their suitable solution.As the architectural design and its quality matters in the end of any process.Many a time’s architecture software is unable to solve any valid business problems.
    • Understand design elements and their relationships-Breakdown of system into its main elements is all based in functional requirements .Through DSM (Design structure matrix), dependencies between design elements without specifying the granularity of the elements.


    First validation of architecture is done by relating number of system instances and this known as functionality based architectural design.


    • Analyse architectural design-With the help of qualitative and quantitative data,design is evaluated.Such evaluation is carried out for conformance to architectural qualities characteristic requirements .Always ensure that qualitative attributes are as per standard then architectural design is considered as complete.


    • Architectural Transformation –If you found out that architectural design is not as per quality standards then it’s always required to select designing solution to improve its qualities while maintaining its domain functionality.Design can be changed by applying designing styles, patterns or design operators like compression, abstraction, replication, resource sharing ,decomposition.
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